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Light Speed Data
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Fiber Connectivity On Demand

A simple, smart and efficient way to install optical fiber for last mile, access drops, and final end point broadband connectivity. Elysian Fiber: we make optical data connectivity affordable and accessible to all.

FiberTRAX on the Bridge Solves the Problem

When a city needed to install optical fiber access across an expansion bridge, traditional applications were cost prohibitive and too timely. FiberTRAX was laid on the bridge surface, solving the problem both cost-effectively and on-time.

TRAXyL Connects Communities & Municipalities

TRAXyL has invented FiberTRAX – a way to essentially “paint” fiber-optic communication lines directly onto pavement. The method eliminates the need to trench cables underground, or string them along utility poles. Lines can be installed on demand, in minutes.

Elysian Fiber Awarded National Distribution Rights

Phot of Tina Lyden on TRAXyl

Tina Lyden, President & CEO of Elysian Fiber, has secured U.S. distribution rights for TRAXyL and FiberTRAX.

“We are excited to bring efficient, affordable innovative fiber optics solutions to communities.”

Plan • Design • Implement • Maintain

Elysian Fiber Value Proposition

Get a competitive advantage with more agile and efficient management of technology infrastructure.

Elysian Fiber will be your partner with proven global experience and resources that allows integration of services and consistent results.

Elysian Fiber has teamed with AECOM and Nokia to deliver a Passive Optical Network (PON) technology platform designed to provide ultra-fast 10 Gbps internet bandwidth to the City of Dublin’s residents and businesses alike while simultaneously incorporating innovations.

We will be your single source for data center, technology systems and special project expertise.

A Design, Consulting & Integration Company

Elysian Fiber is a woman owned fiber optic technology innovation design, engineering, integration, and distribution company. We comb the industry to pursue new tools, platforms, and processes for broadband deployment to provide nimble, cost-effective, and rapid installation solutions deployed in hours or days versus weeks or months. As the FiberTRAX distributor, Elysian Fiber has brought FiberTRAX to Ohio, and expanding across the U.S. In partnership with TRAXyL, Elysian Fiber introduces FiberTRAX. This fiber optic installation process turns roads into digital highways in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional infrastructure buildout.

As a fiber optic innovation design, consulting, and integration company, Elysian Fiber positions its team of industry leaders to provide expert guidance and technology solutions in our clients’ best interests.