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Connected Dublin: Fiber to the Home Pilot

Select Dublin families are enjoying a fully-automated home and the fastest internet they’ve ever experienced as part of a new pilot. Their cost for upgrading and automating everything from the family refrigerator to lighting in their homes: zero dollars. The pioneer program unites six of the nation’s top smart home technology companies in what Dublin calls its “Fiber to the Home” pilot.

“We are outfitting just a few homes now, but this will be helpful for many families because it will provide invaluable information. What’s learned will be key as Dublin City Council pursues its goal of being the most connected city in the U.S.,” said Dublin CIO Doug McCollough.

Elysian Fiber, TRAXyl, Integrated Smart Homes, AECOM, Nokia and Fishel are collaborating with the City of Dublin to dramatically increase internet connection speeds compared with technologies now used in most places. This new technology brings together the recent innovation of actually “painting” optical fiber directly on paved surfaces coupled with cutting-edge smart home technologies. Some of the benefits for families include better ability to stay connected and much better performance of internet for high level devices all over the house. The painted fiber is immune to lightning strikes and power surges. Unlike existing copper wires- it can transmit the 8K, ultra high-definition technology some devices may demand. The program plots out better internet from the street to each device a resident could want in their home. The woman at the helm of pulling together the ground-breaking team is actually a Dublin resident herself.

“A few years ago, I listened to Dublin residents voicing their frustrations with the lack of bandwidth and in some cases limited choices for internet service,” said Tina Lyden, President & CEO, Elysian Fiber. “They said they didn’t have anything of substance to get the bandwidth needed to do what they wanted within their homes, like cut the cord. So I chimed in and said that I knew a few things about infrastructure. I’d be happy to lean in on this conversation, and it essentially took off from there. I am a proud Dublin resident, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help contribute to the City’s vision to be the most connected.”

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Port Authorities: A source of financing for municipal networks

The State has 61 Port Authorities, and most were formed to assist with economic development projects. Ohio Port Authorities function as an independent unit of local government. They can be comprised of one or more townships, villages, cities, or counties (Ohio Revised Code 4582), and as I shared, operate independently of these political subdivisions (governmental units). The Port Authority Board will consist of leaders from political subdivisions such as attornies, bankers, business executives, university leaders, and non-profits. 

In Ohio, the Port Authorities may, or may not, be close to the water and participate in maritime commerce. All of the Port Authorities in Ohio engage in the retention and creation of jobs and community improvement.
The short answer is these Port Authorities perform “activities that enhance, foster, aid, provide, or promote transportation, economic development, housing, recreation, education, governmental operations, culture, or research.”  In addition, a Port Authority can own, lease, and finance land, buildings, and equipment for credit-worthy entities. 

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