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Port Authorities: A source of financing for municipal networks

The State has 61 Port Authorities, and most were formed to assist with economic development projects. Ohio Port Authorities function as an independent unit of local government. They can be comprised of one or more townships, villages, cities, or counties (Ohio Revised Code 4582), and as I shared, operate independently of these political subdivisions (governmental units). The Port Authority Board will consist of leaders from political subdivisions such as attornies, bankers, business executives, university leaders, and non-profits. 

In Ohio, the Port Authorities may, or may not, be close to the water and participate in maritime commerce. All of the Port Authorities in Ohio engage in the retention and creation of jobs and community improvement.
The short answer is these Port Authorities perform “activities that enhance, foster, aid, provide, or promote transportation, economic development, housing, recreation, education, governmental operations, culture, or research.”  In addition, a Port Authority can own, lease, and finance land, buildings, and equipment for credit-worthy entities. 

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Training Day

All Elysian Fiber TRAXyL operators must complete a rigorous training process to become a Certified FiberTrax installer. On this training day, the team learned to prepare the FiberTRAX materials, determine the best route and install the fiber.