Solutions by Elysian Fiber

The Problem: Traditional Fiber Optic Installation Fails To Connect Communities

Broadband access is necessary for municipalities, schools, businesses and families. Until now, there were only three ways to install fiber: underground, underwater or strung on utility poles.

The Solution: TRAXyL Lays Fiber Optics On Roads

When TRAXyL founder Daniel Turner’s family was unable to access high speed broadband for their rural home, he decided there had to be a way to make fiber optics available everywhere. He realized roads, highways and bridges connect the U.S. from coast to coast, cities and rural spaces.

Laying traditional cable today requires cutting in the ground, blasting through hills and mountains or laying pipe under rivers and lakes. TRAXyL patented process allows fiber to be placed directly onto paved surfaces and sealed in protective coatings.

Tried & Tested By The U.S. Military

TRAXyL’s first major customer was the U.S. Army. It was installed on international military bases where heavy equipment, including B52 bombers, intentional ran over the fiber lines which withstood every test.

Benefits of FiberTRAX

• Project measured in hours and days, not weeks and months

• Create network redundancy and diversity of routes

• Avoid existing and unseen underground hazards

• Great for short distances

• Easily existing networks

Elysian Fiber can install FiberTRAX in every kind of environment, wherever there is a paved road or a bridge. Contact us to learn how we can solve your problem.