Case Study: TimberTech

Project Background

A busy manufacturing facility needed a middle mile provider to connect their plant to the cell tower service. The traditional method of trenching and laying fiber would require the plant to shut down to all truck traffic, an option that was not acceptable.

The Problem

The plant could not afford to shut down truck traffic to the facility while the traditional method of laying fiber, trenching, laying fiber and re-asphalting the road, occurred.

  • Existing underground utility lines would need to be addressed, causing substantial delays and costs.
  • Disruption to the manufacturing facility would delay customer orders and negatively impact sales and revenue.

The Elysian Fiber Solution

The Elysian Fiber team was able to quickly engineer and design the solution on site.

  • FiberTRAX was laid on top of the road with no disruption to truck traffic entering or leaving the facility.
  • A contractor was hired by the client , then trained and certified by Elysian Fiber to mast the TRAXyl equipment.

The Bottom Line

The Elysian Fiber solution saved the client time and money.

  • Over 300′ of fiber optics was laid on top of the road.
  • The project took a total of 3.5 hours versus weeks for a traditional method.
  • Traffic at the facility was never stopped.